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Blurring the Lines: Artystry’s Nature-Inspired Office Expansion for Cybrosys in Calicut

Cybrosys by Artystry

This office project of Cybrosys features a thriving and dynamic work environment that balances functionality with aesthetics. This expansion project features an array of working pods, a café area, a gaming area, call booths, and team rooms, all designed to encourage interaction and variation in the workday.

The use of natural light and green spaces, with tree-sized indoor plants and garden pods, blur the lines between the inside and the outside, creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness that celebrates the cultural vibrancy through its park-like ambience.

The dynamic and high-tech design language blends functionality with quality, creating a living and breathing environment that truly feels like home for Cybrosys. The playful arrangement of furniture and the use of glass walls in conference rooms further reinforce the innovative approach.

An amalgamation of a cafeteria within the workspace creates a resemblance to a home-like walk-in pantry featuring natural wood and subtle greys in the backdrop as its colour pallete.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the office design focuses on functionality and supporting work. The playful utilisation of colour also plays a crucial role in creating a functional yet enjoyable space.

The design team's approach in designing this office space reinforces the importance of community, encouraging teamwork and building a sense of belonging.

Project: Cybrosys

Location: Calicut, Kerala

Design House: Artystry Designers

Principle Architects/Designers: Nahal Ahamed, Anas Mohammad

Photography: Justin Sebastian


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