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PERC's New Campus in Bangalore Aims to Bridge Architecture and Mathematics in Both Planning and Form

Far from the city, set in between dreamy hillocks and sleepy villages, designers were shown a piece of land by the clients. In the middle of tree clumps, chirping birds, and a rainbow of butterflies they were presented with an opportunity to design an institutional building.

Designers recognized that while programming the Architecture of the building to the prescribed functions was a challenge, it faded away in the enormity of the actual task at hand. What was more important, was to infuse into the building the spirit of the place and capture in its details the beauty of birds, the smell of the soil, and the sparkling sound of the little brook you had to cross to reach PERC. The building orientation helps to provide more than sufficient glare-free north lighting during the day in the labs, thereby minimizing the usage of electricity during the day.

Project: Prayoga Institute of Education Research

Location: Bangalore

Design House: Sudhakar Pai Architects

Principal Architect: Ar. Sudhakar Pai, Ar. Yohan Vijayan

Photography: Er.Gurunath Chakrasali , Sanjith Seetharam


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