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Poland's Irregular Shaped State-of-the-Art Housing Unit Aces at Paris Design Award 2021

Villa Reden Apartments by Architekt Maciej Franta

Franta group has designed ‘Villa Reden,’ composed of eight separate apartments clad by an irregular polygonal-shaped structure within the Chorzów landscape in Poland.

The unique context of the place and the potential negative consequence of implementing a new tissue in this unique area meant that the decision to shape a new building was not easy and had to refer directly to these guidelines, not compete with them, and "respond" to the environment with its uniqueness in a contemporary way. The task was even more difficult as the budget was limited and the investor's expectations were high.

The idea and shape of the building resulted directly from the irregular polygonal shape of the area intended for development and the idea of leaving the largest possible tree stand on the plot. Such a simple inspiration has become the basic guideline for shaping the building.

Vertical divisions of the façade were introduced, creating expressive regular squares arranging the freely formed volume of the building. It was ensured that the division of the facade and its rhythm were equal and did not have anomalies in the form of extensions or additional elements.

The building has been divided into four independently functioning parts, in which there are a total of eight apartments and the ground floor of the building is mostly empty space serving as a common part of all residents and the zone of entrances to the buildings with technical rooms (heat exchanger, power connection, water meter).

Each part has an independent entrance on the ground floor in the form of a staircase leading to two premises. Each of the apartments has access to a terrace of various widths along its outer perimeter, and to a patio, which additionally illuminates the entrance areas to the apartments and the bathroom. Building contains 8 apartments 76-75 square meters on 2 levels with a usable area: 715,4 square meters.

Project: Villa Reden Apartments

Location: Chorzow, Poland

Design House: Architekt Maciej Franta

Photography: Tomasz Zakrzewski





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