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Stance Spaces Designs an Exquisite Light-filled Villa within a Serene Gated Community in Bangalore

An Abode of Contemporary Luxury by Stance Spaces

Nestled within a peaceful and gated community, this elegant villa features refined interiors and abundant natural light which offers a serene and sophisticated lifestyle.

This villa presents a haven of tranquillity through its fine colour palette. The entrance, adorned with a majestic teak door and large windows overlooking a private garden creates a welcoming ambience. The interiors have been meticulously curated with bespoke furniture ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Thoughtful design choices such as ample natural light and well-connected living spaces contribute to an inviting atmosphere. Indoors, the integration of greenery and subtle lighting adds to its allure.

The Bedroom areas provide intimate private sit-outs and feature minimal design accents fostering a sense of calmness. The master bed further elevates the experience with a blend of blue and grey tones complemented by rose gold accents.

The exterior façade showcases a more contemporary touch using a combination of natural teak, sandstone and glass railings. Overall, the designers aim to merge comfort with style and functionality in this light-filled villa.

Project: An Abode of Contemporary Luxury

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Design House: Stance Spaces

Principal Architect: Saood Shariff

Photography: Shine Parsana


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