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Studio A+S Creates a Sustainable Culinary Sanctuary in Surat that Embraces the Zero Waste Philosophy

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

‘Zero’ The Restaurant by Studio A+S

This new restaurant project in Surat centred around the concept of zero food wastage, not only fulfils culinary cravings but also serves as a symbol of sustainability.

The aim was to tackle the challenge of high ceilings, and with the aid of innovative design solutions, the studio adeptly concealed crucial services behind a false ceiling requiring intricate scaffolding work without impeding the flooring installation.

The interior emanates warmth with natural materials such as teak wood furnishings and Kota stone flooring complemented by unique cardboard indoor lighting units.

The exterior façade showcases a beautiful blend of Mangalore tiles, concrete panels and steel fabrication. The highlight of the project is that more than ninety percent of these materials were repurposed from the client's ancestral home and other sources.

The thread of sustainability runs seamlessly through every facet of the restaurant's design resulting in an inviting, refined and expertly finished space that conceals any hint of its recycled origins.

Project: 'Zero' The Restaurant

Location: Vesu, Surat

Design House: Studio A + S

Design Team: Mr. Sagar Shah, Mr. Husain Cinemawala, Aashish Patel

Photography: Noaidwin Studio


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