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The Domaine de Bayssan Theatre Project Preserves it's Circus Soul Both in Form and Substance

Domaine de Bayssan by K Architectures

Serenity signifies peace, which is the central theme of this apartment. Every aspect of the design for this tranquil abode aligns with the theme of serenity and peace.

Just as a circus encampment, the Domaine de Bayssan is in perpetual movement and reconfigured according to the cultural program and events. Caravans, stages, banquets, Barnum, and all the other event facilities find their place, in both the public space as well as the support facilities. To respond to this great freedom in use, the landscape provides large esplanades devoid of permanent buildings, with the exception of the technical plant for the reception facilities.

The alluring sight of the living room enkindles solitude. A jagged bright blue-shaded rug is brought into play to break the monotony of the Living room. The effortless beauty brought by the use of color lays remarkable as it absorbs the viewer into the house. Consequently, an abstract painting of shades of grey and yellow is stringed up the wall which is an eye-catcher to most viewers.

In addition to this aesthetics, a low wooden table is perfectly positioned to enhance the look of the beige couch and yellow cushions. As you walk ahead, the eye is rewarded with a delicate wooden dining table. The chairs used with this stunning table are complemented with the perfect hue of beige, which is the same as the couch. Minor yet smart use of color caters to the aesthetics of the eye. Carefully selected, carefully placed.

Symmetrical, fine, and polished white countertops are adjacently placed in the kitchen. The ceiling and the doors are rugged with dark wood to set the theme of the apartment. An attraction of sorts is the light placed at the natural veneer wooden roof of the kitchen.

The two bedrooms include quintessential combinations of rubberwood & whites. The closet is curated with the perfect blend of wooden textures with minimal yet eye-catching features. In addition, a painting is hanged and beige cushions are softly placed to break the monotony of the room. As an addition to the apartment, a study room with wooden cabinets and gleaming low sideboards is constructed. A masterpiece, a true completion to Serenity.

Project: Domaine de Bayssan

Location: France

Design House: K Architectures

Photography: Sophie Oddo




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