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The Iconic, Brick-clad Mausoleum Opens in Dhaka Reminiscing the 'Pir' and his Contribution to Islam

Shah Muhammad Moshin Khan Mausoleum by Sthapotik

In the heart of Dhaka's native Hijuli, an iconic architectural marvel is emerging with a noble purpose to become the ancestral dargah.

This visionary project has entrusted architects with the sacred duty of crafting a structure that not only pays homage to the revered 'Pir' but also serves as a bastion of Islamic knowledge, dedicated to the upliftment of society.

What sets this architectural gem apart is its unwavering commitment to its roots, rooted in the rich tapestry of vernacular architecture. Drawing inspiration from local techniques, resources and cultural ethos, this design transcends the ordinary and seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. The soul of this creation lies in the use of red brick as its primary material which gracefully envelopes the entire edifice and forming the solid foundation of the Dargah.

This choice of red brick not only symbolizes the strength of tradition but also harmonizes with the landscape, evoking a sense of timeless elegance. The result is a structure that stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Islamic heritage, a sanctuary of knowledge and a beacon of unity in its community.

It is an architectural masterpiece that bridges the gap between past and present, crafting a brighter future for all who seek solace and enlightenment within its sacred walls.

Project: Shah Muhammad Mohshin Khan Mausoleum (Dargah)

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Design House: Sthapotik

Lead Architects: Ar. Md. Sharif Uddin Ahammed

Photographer: Asif Salman


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