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The Many Shades of an Artist: Ankita Arya

Updated: May 16, 2020

Must Know Artist: Ankita Arya:

Ankita Arya is an artist and designer whose practice primarily involves interior styling and decorating through the means of customized wallpapers, graphics and lifestyle products.

The most important milestone in any artist’s life is finding their inner voice.For Ankita Arya, it was a journey spanning across two continents and a decade of self-learning & discovery. Honing her skills with her peers at the College of Art Delhi, Ankita developed a fascination for a strong color palette and a keen amalgamation of traditional & contemporary designs. The allure of graphics, patterns and interiors that mesmerized her since a young age, soon blossomed into a craft with a distinctive style.

Picture courtesy : Ankita Arya

Her love for learning took her to the Birmingham University, UK, where she studied Interior Product Design. A game-changer, in her words, as it ignited a romance with European design. A professional stint in the city of London, allowed her to practice her design prowess in the real world. Going further, she developed her expertise in detailed graphics, mixed with lifestyle products such as Wallpapers, Furniture amongst others.

Picture courtesy : Ankita Arya

Once back in the country, Ankita worked tirelessly on the idea of customising and developing unique creative work to suits specific interior spaces. A process that ensured that she worked with the best in the design industry. Starting with Happily Unmarried, where she along with her colleagues set a quirky design tone for the industry to follow. Her ground breaking work with industry giant Adil Ahmad opened her world to the possibilities of design rooted in the rich traditions of Indian Art & Architecture; from the Indo Sarasenic period to the days of the British Raj. Crafting stories with a strong play of colours, textures and materials widened her horizon across bespoke designs, bleeding into modern day palaces.

Picture courtesy : Ankita Arya

Her foray into the world of interior styling, focussed on developing an individual graphic language. Ankita has cultivated a distinctive personal style with a flair for stories, often expressed through a self-refined design process. Her love for Travel, Indian Art, History and Textile comes alive in her visual language, and flows into her sense of colour and composition. Ankita’s work has shown incredible promise, transcending effortlessly to various materials such as Paper, Wood, Fabric, Ceramic Tiles and Glass.

Picture courtesy : Ankita Arya

With every bespoke project, Ankita works personally alongside the clients, understanding their requirement and exploring every intricacy. Her tailor-made designs are characterized with deep research, the right design language and an extraordinary usage of textures & colours. Her projects include residences, offices, commercial space, hotels as well as special bespoke artworks. Right from development to delivery, each design is executed with past learnings, a search for beauty and above all, striking creativity.

Picture courtesy : Ankita Arya

Her independent work with Design houses, Interior Designers, Stylists and clients, all have one thing in common.Each piece is a celebration. Of storytelling. Of artisanship.Of the times gone by. And the times to come.

Artist: Ankita Arya

Location: New Delhi

Category: Graphic Art, Wallpapers, Illustrations, Lifestyle Products

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