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The Umbra

Updated: May 29, 2020

Depicting How Lighting Conditions Can Determine a Scene, This Project Showcases the Impact of Dim Lighting.

Dim lighting is usually associated with relaxation, especially when winding down after work. Low lighting can generate a separate set of emotions, maybe that’s why dim lighting is associated with romantic moments. When the lights are dim, people somehow become more rational, negotiate better and are therefore in turn able to make better decisions.

Lighting condition plays a pivotal role in field of creativity, especially when it comes to cinematography and photography. Different lighting parameters depict different moods of the scene. In addition to this, recent studies suggest that creativity increases in subtle lighting and I truly believe it. I have seen it happen to me, my creativity expands when I am in such an ambiance, accelerating my creative process. Whether it is creating my mood-boards, editing pictures or sketching.

This series showcases my love for such lighting. Showcasing how it powers up and, simply, flows. The story takes place within a space of a singular and low light source, combining a certain retro aesthetic with the predominance of sepia-cinematic tones, in harmony with the dark color palette used in the garments.

The door provides an interesting backdrop, catering to the flow of creativity. At the start, it appears to be stranded. However, as the story commences it evolves, gaining energy, through the slow motion of contemporary moves, reminding its audience of its presence.

Concept and Photography: Shetty Karthik

Model: Lea Vocado

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