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This Sustainable Fashion Brand Dedicates its Work to Mother Nature

'Pahartah' by Sakshi Khanna

A sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand, 'Pahartah' was born when nature cried out the tear of being unseen and unheard.

Pahartah started their ethical journey in the year 2019, to pave the way for fashion to have a more sustainable future with the help of the mother Earth. The brand name that in itself represents the colours of Earth; dedicates its whole work to nature through natural dyes and eco-print.

Picture Courtesy: Pahartah

Pahartah uses the method of dying with indigenous Arogya(non-harmful) colours on natural textiles, to introduce diversity and ethical way of fashion to the society. They have handcrafted all their products with the colours and prints acquainted from nature.

Picture Courtesy: Pahartah

These natural ingredients are the magical mystery of nature because the not only provide beautiful shades but also contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent, wound healing and other medicinal properties.

Picture Courtesy: Pahartah

Isn’t it magical? Where one must have never thought, how nature can give out beautiful shades along with medicinal properties, there's brand has opened up a whole new perspective and showed us many mysterious and beautiful sides of the place that we live in.

Picture Courtesy: Pahartah

Pahartah doesn’t believe in following the trend but believes in crafting timeless pieces with durability, that you can hang in your wardrobe for many more years to come. It believes in creating a range that focuses on quality over quantity.

It is when you have a durable product that it becomes a part of you and a part of who you are. It is a piece that you hold dear to you with every ounce of nature love in it.

As said by its founder Sakshi Khanna:

“Let’s not discuss the verge of the river

keep the enigma of survival fear,

Dig your foot to make a path

Ebb and flow is just a part.

Relish the journey you own

Ahh! I see building a stepping stone

Look behind this much you have covered

a few more steps, amazing is discovered.”

Picture Courtesy: Pahartah

Pahartah is a brand for the consumers who have an undying love for nature and values its presence because it is the reflection of nature. It has brought every essence of natural beauty back to life in all the pieces that it has handcrafted.


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