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This Workspace in Ahmedabad is a Minimalist Haven with Warm Neutral Tones and Clutter-Free Design

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Verticale by Compartment S4

'Verticale' is an expansive workspace thoughtfully crafted for a builder that embraces contemporary minimalism. This clutter-free haven harmonizes form and function immersing occupants in an environment of refined simplicity.

The layout carefully situates cabins to offer vistas of vast cityscapes and shifting sunlight from dawn till dusk. A welcoming entrance unveils a reception adorned in light wooden tones and a black glass ceiling. A pristine white central table grounds the space, complemented by deep blue sofas, evoking contrasting harmony.

The nucleus of 'Verticale' features a central glass cabin adorned with indoor greenery. Wooden veneer patterns and vertical fluted glass rhythmically accentuate this hub.

Within the cabins lively discussion nooks in vibrant blue enhances the neutral colour palette. The workspace evokes soothing energy which in turn elevates productivity by balancing the use of soft wood hues with grey marble.

'Verticale' is a thoughtfully designed space that merges aesthetics and efficiency. The entire space embraces modernism while celebrating the human spirit at work.

Project: Verticale

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Design House: Compartment S4

Photography: Murtaza Gandhi

Artwork: Milan Desai, Compartment S4




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