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Sky 11 Creates a feeling of Serenity in the Middle of Ahmedabad’s Urban Rhythm

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Sky 11 by Vintage Woodcrafts

Nestled within the urban fabric of Ahmedabad this project features a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadows anchored by the heart of the home with intricately carved details.

With the play of light and shadow throughout the house, the central dining area takes the centre stage. This is the midpoint around which the entire design of the house revolves. An ambitious double-height addition amplifies the living space cleverly incorporating a pervasive grid motif that extends from flooring to furnishings.

Material palette is predominantly natural elements such as Kota stone, natural veneer that are used to compliment a backdrop of metal accents. These materials with varied textures add depth to the sense of the space.

The lighting fixtures are uniquely crafted to seamlessly align with the space's aesthetic. The design inspiration is primarily drawn from Japandi and Scandinavian architectural styles reflecting the client's extended stays in these cities.

The colour palette uses pastel tones of beige, rust and mustard while elements like cork and stained woods add a touch of ingenuity to the entire space.

Project: Sky 11

Location: Ahmedabad

Design House: Vintage Woodcrafts

Principal Architects: Dhara Mehta

Photography: Umang Shah




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