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A Weekend Retreat à la Mode

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

A contemporary getaway that allows its visitors to find a temporary escape from reality. The brief by the client was a weekend home that can be used for get-togethers and more importantly, for his family to unwind. In order to fulfill these requirements a series of careful spatial planning techniques were incorporated which resulted in an abode that is not only chic and comfortable but also an extension of the people using it.

Picture courtesy : Studio Crimson

An effort was made to ensure that the entrance is warm and inviting. This was done by introducing a gorgeous and curvy tufted sofa that would help you forget your everyday hassles and drift you into an ideal retreat. Adding to the weekend vibes is a dining area with the backdrop of a tropical wallpaper that exemplifies the cooler tints of green, yellow and orange.

Picture courtesy : Studio Crimson

The living cum dining area also showcases a reading corner defined by a sink-in wing back chair, foot stool and a textured wallpaper to provide multiple seating experiences that cater to the whims of the client. Furthermore, the space has been designed in a manner which allows the family to be in separate spaces yet maintain a substantial degree of visual connectivity. Purposeful use of minimum furniture carefully placed in its position leaves ample room for get-togethers.

Picture courtesy : Studio Crimson

The rooms are more or less designed along the same lines except for a predominant color scheme. The tall upholstered bed backs and wooden paneled backdrops mirror the comfort and grandeur of a luxurious hotel suite.
Picture courtesy : Studio Crimson

The bedrooms portray an effective play of textures, patterns, intricate details and some delightful illumination techniques. The spaces are planned in a way to make them seem clean, sharp and bigger than they actually are. A dynamic material palette of wood, glass, and metal is well balanced by well curated soft furnishings in sync with the color theme of each room.

Picture courtesy : Studio Crimson

Being a weekend home the house highlights a clear distinction between the necessary and unnecessary by using minimum but functional furniture that adds a strong but definitive character to each space.

Picture courtesy : Studio Crimson

Between the lines of a natural color palette and ambient light textures, use of contrasting materials create an inviting atmosphere for a home that feels both modern and chic. Overall, the place is a refreshing, relieving and reassuring weekend home which is perfect to relax and let your hair down.

Project Details:

Project Name: A weekend retreat à la mode

Type: Residential Interiors

Location: NIBM Road, Pune, Maharashtra

Size: 1892 Sq. Ft.

Firm: Crimson Studio, Pune, Maharashtra

Principal Designer: Tanvi Kale

Completion: December 2018

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