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SAGI Architects Build an Earthy Weekend Home in the City of Khopoli Inspired by Local Architecture

Sienna House by SAGI Architects

Sienna House, a captivating weekend retreat nestled in the suburbs of Mumbai stands as a testament to harmonious coexistence with nature.

This architectural gem perched 1200 feet above sea level on a tableland against the majestic backdrop of the Western Ghats marks the pioneering structure in the emerging Serenity Villas and Farms development, setting the tone for the entire enclave.

Drawing inspiration from its breath-taking surroundings, Sienna House exudes a raw and earthy charm seamlessly integrating with the lush landscape. Its design is a masterful fusion of simplicity and sophistication utilizing basic geometrical forms and expansive open spaces.

Crafted with an emphasis on simplicity, this house reimagines the concept of a pavilion-style home deftly adapting to the climate and site conditions. The hints of mustard in furniture exudes warmth and encourages interactions between users.

Overall, the house is a haven for a close-knit family that values quality time together and cherishes hosting guests.

Project: Sienna House

Location: Khopoli, Maharashtra

Design House: SAGI Architects

Principal Architect: Akash Dude

Design Team: Milan Jain, Ashish Gavand

Photography and Styling: Ruhma Ukaye


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