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Art That Reminds Us of What We Are Loosing

Must Know Artist: Hemangini Maharaul aka Arteisch

Hemangini Maharaul aka Arteisch is a friend of the earth and a visual artist whose artworks highlight the disappearing geography and ecosystem of Malawi and India. Employing innovative methods, vivid colours, and contemporary perspectives, she tries to remind us of what we are losing.

“Today, life under water and above, being destroyed in the name of development and we are

grappling with possibility of destruction of a phenomenal size. We are lost and scattered in the midst of inadequate systems to safeguard our natural resources. When I peer through the conversational lens, it's not a promising site either. Earth is losing Her rawness and Her people. My mission is to remind us of the constant badgering our ecosystems are being subject to, using various forms of visual art.” - (Hemangini Maharaul to TDC)

Apart from her personal project on climate change, Hemangini is currently working with Himalayan

Geographic and Lake of Stars Discovery Festival to understand, create and influence to bring forward change.

Title: ‘Still’

Mixed media on canvas

2.5ft x 3ft diameter, 2018

Title: ‘Himaleh’

Mixed media on canvas

6ft x 6ft diameter, 2018

Title: 'Under the pines’

mixed media on canvas

4ft diameter, 2018

Artist: Hemangini Maharaul aka Arteisch

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka

Category: Installations, Paintings, Stage design

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