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Artist Bandana Jain Creates Extraordinary Works of Art from Corrugated Cardboard

TDC Must Know Artist: Bandana Jain

Bandana Jain is an award-winning contemporary artist and design expert, an artist whose personality strongly connects with the idea of sustainability.

For Bandana the idea of being ethical is a way of thinking and a lifestyle which is a fair trade with nature.

All images are copyright of artist Bandana Jain

Her love for the environment is vividly visible through her work. She creates unconventional luxury art pieces that have been highly recognized by well-known critics and art connoisseurs in the industry. Through her art Bandana wants to create a strong social impact while embracing sustainable living in her day to day life as well.

All images are copyright of artist Bandana Jain

This philosophy is effectively reflected through her artwork. For example, in one of her wall mural works 'A Momentary Phase', she was heavily inspired by the way a caterpillar transforms into one of the most beautiful insects on our planet and how it makes the lifecycle of a butterfly, a display of evolutionary mechanism at work. This genesis of patterns on fabric begins with the interaction between the needle and the free flowing fabric. Bandana compares this momentary pain with a piece of cloth which undergoes through a transformation.

All images are copyright of artist Bandana Jain

Bandana's work are not just mere pieces of art but also a voice for reform that that aim to break societal norm. Through her artwork 'Pocket of Equality', Bandana addresses the issue of gender inequality and women rights by taking inspiration from everyday life. Bandana works out of her studio in Mumbai, which is truly one-of-a-kind. Her studio is India's first and only luxury studio made out of Cardboard.

All images are copyright of artist Bandana Jain

Tucked away in a 100-year-old building in South Mumbai, the studio, where you get to see very unconventional and extremely interesting artwork which includes functional art, Wall sculptures, installations from a very unconventional, eco-friendly material – recycled corrugated fibreboard.

All images are copyright of artist Bandana Jain

The building is made of wood and is around 100 years old which explains the ceiling’s height, which adds a lot of space and area to the studio. Bandana Jain created this space in a way that eludes a lot of warmth and openness. One should be able to see, touch, and experience the pieces properly. And being located in South Mumbai has its own vibes. The studio is exactly how she wanted it to be - a peaceful, hidden gem.

Know more about artist Bandana Jain's work here.


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