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Black Glass Ceiling & Pink Parquet Feature in this 70's Style Disco-Themed Store in Paris

Rupture Records by Pierre Gonalons Studio

After several months of work, the prestigious independent record store on rue de la Fidélité moved to 11 rue du Vertbois, in the Haut-Marais (75003).

On this occasion, the concept store was completely revamped under the direction of a talented designer. Its originality? This is a record store café to be discovered up and down in a sublime setting inspired by the famous Drugstore Publicis de Saint-Germain. The black glass ceiling, pink parquet, furniture specially designed by the designer reflect his vision of Paris in the 70s.

The menu is healthy and sharp: slow food, organic coffees, and tea, cold-pressed juices. The bar stands alongside vinyl bins with 2,500 references and up to 60 years of service, originals straight from the USA and England as well as the latest novelties from the most fashionable labels.

The Rupture Store is a place where everyone is free to listen to what they want. Like a parenthesis in the Parisian flood, the Rupture store is an invitation to stroll, to discover young emerging artists, or to dive back into the great classics, available in rare editions.

Rupture is in keeping with the district which reflects the most contemporary French art of living and which houses the new Parisian and international creative scene. You have to take the time. To choose, look at a cover, read the booklet, feel the material, place the record, hear the sound unfold, breathe. Listen. No one needs a record to have music. Everyone wants a record to experience music.

Project: Rupture Records

Location: Paris, France

Design House: Pierre Gonalons Studio

Photography: Stephan Juillard


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