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Boutique Tile Studio in Bangalore Breaks Away from the Typical Showroom Design Stereotype

The Boutique Tile Studio by Studio Camarada

The building that houses this boutique tile studio showcases exposed brick cladding with its rustic, natural aura that provides the perfect mood for an enchanting entrance façade.

A massive Bangalore Rain Tree encompasses the entrance while adding to its grandeur and setting an inviting backdrop to store interiors. Being a tile studio, architects wanted to create a little more out of the typical showroom experience.

Architects wanted to give the visitors (of which most were architects and designers themselves) a boutique vibe. They did that by subtly changing the way one sees a retail space altogether. Re-defining the retail experience as far as tile selection was key to them. Adding warmth by introducing wooden paneling in spots, bringing some lush green into the space, and keeping the overall space light and airy – A sort of a comfort zone.

The client came to them with a brief as far as the display of their product was concerned. Having been in the industry for over a decade, they were very crisp with their logistics, working, and general layout of the store. While the display style & space requirement was their major brief to us at large, they left the general aesthetic to the designer's discretion whilst instilling a definitive inclination towards their likeness to raw materials and natural products.

Another very important part of the brief was that they wanted to use as much of their material as possible in order to showcase the versatility and flexibility in using their products and services themselves. Waterjet cutting, brass inlays, CNC cutting, jali tiles were only some of the out-of-the-box thinking that they were to explore.

It was a wholesome experience of imbibing the true versatility of the product into its very own showroom. The space turned out to be multi-faceted. It served as a showroom whilst being an impeccable showcase of the brand's capabilities as a custom tile supplier. And whilst the space served its function well, as far as the vibes go, it was a true ode to its very clientele itself – Boutique!

Project: Trove, The Boutique Tile Studio

Location: Bangalore

Design House: Studio Camarada

Lead Architects: Andre Camara, Sanjana Raju, Shravya Shetty

Photography: Banu Prakash


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