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Chennai-Based Cafe's Stunning Transformation into a Contemporary Store with Subtle Pastel Accents

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

LLL Store by Raw.Designs Studio

This unique café-store embodies the modern trend of minimalist and visually appealing interiors with a subtle pastel color scheme and contemporary

design elements.

The project demonstrates thoughtful architectural design in a café turned store, achieved through a well-planned spatial arrangement, custom display and meticulous attention to elements such as lighting and color palette. This results in a visually appealing and cohesive space.

One of the main challenges faced by designers was to avoid overshadowing the product display, while enhancing the character of the well-lit and unobstructed area, taking into account the abiotic factors of the environment. Every segment of the store is unique but, forms a cohesive whole.

This project entailed the production of bespoke display and storage units for exhibition of home decor articles. The spatial layout was thoughtfully designed to ensure smooth circulation and visual harmony throughout the store. The store also features a private office and pantry, designed with functionality and significance in mind.

The powder rooms, on the other hand, break away from the subtle pastel language, with unique touches of blues, greys, and mauve-pink highlights. The common washroom is pretty eccentric with a floor with black and white motifs, with grey tiles for the walls and pink accents. In addition, the pantry follows a classic black and white minimalistic theme in its fixtures and features.

At the heart of the space lies the central area, adorned with tea-green textured tiles that harmonize with the primary lilac theme of the company. The floral wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy, interrupting the monotony of the underlying walls. To create a chic atmosphere, arches and light fixtures have been accentuated with hints of gold.

Meticulous attention to detail is evident in the design, with standout features such as the louvered section and the unconventional unit designs with their respective internal lighting, overplaying its exhibit.

Project: The LLL Store

Location: Chennai

Design House: Raw.Designs Studio

Design Team: Gouthami Rao.V, Rubiksha Bala, Aathmika Murali, Kirthi Khicha

Photography: Triple O Pixel


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