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Depicting the power of ancient Indian philosophy through a distinct contemporary aesthetic

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Steeped in Indian philosophy and craftsmanship, Yantr is a collection of curated objects that bring alive the power of ancient Indian philosophy with a distinctly contemporary aesthetic. Translating from Sanskrit to mean “talisman”, this whimsical assortment of objects brings the sublime divine to quotidian objects. The anionic symbol of the divine masculine - the lingam - forms the anchoring motif, it’s pure abstraction infusing the collection with a sensual charge. The lingam finds its counterpart in the sacred feminine - the Yoni - that creates the balancing embrace to complete the cosmic act creation.

Picture courtesy: KOY

Yantr reinterprets these sacred talismans for modern living through objects handcrafted in multi-hued marble handpicked from across India. The objects blossom as entities that are rooted in Indian tradition with a global, contemporary appeal.

Picture courtesy: KOY

In the Fig Dining Table, lingam-inspired columnar legs, handcrafted in marble, come together with a textured Black Mosaic granite top. The top has been shaped to mimic the fiddle fig leaf - yet another mythologically charged motif from Indian philosophy. Together, the three motifs come together in perfect synchrony as a fiercely modern object of utility.

Picture courtesy: KOY

With the Pebble Pouff, the form of the all-powerful receptacle of creation - the Yoni. The seat is a stack of pebbles hand-carved from blocks of marble, balanced above each other to create a totemic tower.

Each of the individual pieces are crafted from marble sourced from quarries across India, together to represent the offerings of the ancient rituals - milk, vermilion, flowers, yellow and green grass and sun dried rice.
Picture courtesy: KOY

The third act - the Pebble Pendant is a recreation of the total body of the Cosmic Being - complete in its union of the masculine-feminine motifs. The pebble serves as the base whilst the cosmo, containing the light source, rests on it. The two components come together by a sleek mechanism creating an illusion of ultra lightness that brilliantly off-sets the heaviness of the marble.

Category: Product Design

Products: Fig Dining Table, Pebble Pouf & Pebble Pendant

Firm: KOY

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