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Everyday Minimalism by Abhinav Sharma

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Abhinav Sharma, the artist behind the page @black_box_art on Instagram, focuses on minimalism, art, architecture and poster design through his art page. The objective is to represent any subject in the most simplistic yet significant manner. It's about bringing minimalism out in everything!

Courtesy: Abhinav Sharma

It started with the passion to make posters but not the usual ones. The content of a movie, TV show, song or for that matter, any concept can be expressed in the most minimal way possible. The thought process behind such minimal art is what he wanted to bring out and educate the world know more about minimalism in his way.

Courtesy: Abhinav Sharma

His main objective is to spread this style of minimal art among people and show the world that one can covey the deepest meaning with use of minimum content. He has the passion for making posters for a long time now and being an Architecture student and ardor for Art, he started this page 2 years ago.
Courtesy: Abhinav Sharma

The creative arc behind each of these posters stems from the passion for movies and T.V. shows. Each poster is carefully designed between the lines of a definitive moment, a turning point or the basic concept of the movie. The process of designing these art works starts by watching the film closely and understanding the plot in detail and sketching a few ideas while watching.

Courtesy : Abhinav Sharma

Through various digital software, a draft design is produced which formulates the final product. The color scheme and the way each poster is framed, structured and portrayed plays a huge role in the process of design.

Courtesy : Abhinav Sharma

For example, 'The Shawshank Redemption' poster is designed in a color scheme of black and red in order to translate grave danger the protagonist faces and it also draws the viewer into the art work giving him a sense of immediacy and danger. The prison tower that changes into the hammer used by the protagonist conveys the 'Escape' right underneath them. The color scheme chosen for each illustration is to reflect an emotion that translates the intended feeling behind each of these movies or TV shows. In another instance, The 'Arrival' poster is done in a monochrome palette which brings out a feeling of loneliness and isolation and the 'Breaking Bad' poster displays the color of crystal meth. Each poster is framed to convey the concept or the story of the show in a minimal fashion. He considers these posters to be a form of art than just posters. He intends to evoke a feeling of recognition and belonging in the viewer.

Artist Details:

Artist: Abhinav Sharma

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana



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