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'Food Futures' by Chloe Monks

Chloe Monks is a London based ceramic artist. She is currently studying a Masters in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art, London.

‘Food Futures’.

The brief for this project was to consider the use and social significance of contemporary tableware. Chloe was challenged with considering this and then responding with the design and production of functional items. She chose to focus on Indian cuisine due to the lack of clay used when dining, she wanted to change and combine material values.

Chloe chose the materials of Terracotta clay and Copper metal to create a new combination of materials with very different material values. As metal is considered a high valued material, she electroplated this on the skin of the terracotta shape. This enabled a contact between the copper and the human hand when eating from the bowl. The terracotta reflects the low value, yet the high fired material creates a new balance. These pieces originate from a 'thali' dish that she designed yet it changed into individual pieces. She wanted to start this project with the intention to balance the values and importance of both materials roles within the culture and within contemporary art today. 

Artist: Chloe Monks

Location: London, UK

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