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‘Guruji Thandai’ Takes Cues from the Contemporary Indian Mithai Store for its New Outlet in Indore

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Guruji Thandai by Imagine Design Studio

Housed within a measure 740 square feet of retail spaces, the store is dedicated to the popular Indian summer delicacy, ‘Thandai’ also known as an Indian flavoured milk.

The design concept revolves around a warm and inviting ambiance achieved through the clever use of earthy tones and wooden finishes. These elements, particularly showcased in the ceiling and floor create a natural and a grounding backdrop for the space.

More interesting design elements include stucco walls and a custom engraved wall with complementary wooden mouldings. To prevent monotony and enhance visual connectivity, a partition jail has been strategically incorporated.

Furthermore, the display racks play a crucial role in crafting a cosy atmosphere. These racks contribute to the overall design scheme by providing a visually pleasing arrangement of the products.

The architectural design of Guruji Thandai's new outlet in Indore combines elements of contemporary aesthetics with traditional influences.

Project: Guruji Thandai-Drink speciality store

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Design House: Imagine Design Studios

Principal Designer: Ar. Ankit Mittal & Id. Rushali Jain

Photography: Imagix Studio



Founder Ar. Ankit Mittal

The inspiration behind incorporating Indian architectural forms and a neutral color scheme into the store's interior renovation design emanated from a profound appreciation for the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of India. By embracing the timeless elegance of Indian architecture, characterized by its intricate detailing, harmonious proportions, and reverence for natural elements, the design sought to evoke a sense of cultural authenticity and celebrate the country's architectural legacy.

At Imagine Design Studios, the mission is to produce outstanding design that gets clients noticed for all the right reasons. It's the little things that count, which is why dedicated effort is the focus of the firm. Ar. Ankit tends to make sure his clients fall in love with the work. Whether one is starting with a vague idea or a fully fleshed out concept, Imagine design studios can bring your vision to life.

Find out more about the firm here.

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