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Haanji Art Festival By THEEART

Updated: May 16, 2020

Haanji is a platform that aims to promote collaborations amongst artists.

This festival series Haanji by THEEART is about bringing an art dialogue with the locals where they can expose themselves to new ideas of creativity.

The Festival had five fine contemporary artists from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore painting murals on a reputed Narang cold storage facade located at Rajendra Nagar, Indore. The murals came as a result of four varied skill sets put together to inculcate in your pupils a new idea of creativity. These artists are experts in their respective form of art and came together to create amazing wall painting and promote climate change through their work.

Picture courtesy: THEEART

One of their Senior Artists from Mumbai Mrs. Avantika Mathur, has done over 300 walls and came to Indore for the first time to put her fine skills to beautify the warehouse compound.

Other artists include: Jisha Madai, Tanya Maheswhari and Vritti Kotian

Picture courtesy: THEEART

Theme of the event - A green sabbatical: Tackling global warming, recyclability, promoting greenery and use of earthy materials in various Industries. There can also be seen a hint of expressions of artists through different mediums may it be a canvas, an art installation, a mural, a sketch, a video or a sculpture of any kind;

there shall be an array of works on display during this festival to make it more experience centric.

Picture courtesy: THEEART


The event opened its gates to the Mayor of Indore, Mrs Malini Gaud as the Guest of Honour, she lit the lamp and marked the beginning of the open gallery concept to promote emerging artists from all over India.

Guest of honor Mrs. Malini Gaud (Mayor, Indore) lighting the lamp, Picture courtesy: THEEART
THEEART Team with guest of honor Mrs. Malini Gaud (Mayor, Indore), Picture courtesy: THEEART

Followed by regular incoming of invitees, the fest hosted a small art workshop of alcohol ink art

for the age groups 10+ years on the 7th of December 2019.

The second day of the event was more children-centric and apart from the regular invitees and walk ins, the fest also hosted a special group of people to make this event more inclusive for all.

Children-centric workshops, Picture courtesy: THEEART

The fest welcomed students from Shridha Centre for Special Education based out of Indore, participating in the event on the 8th of December. There were children with special abilities and we organised a live painting session for them where they painted their observations and associated imaginations on a fresh canvas curated with the help of our senior artists and their own therapists. This small activity was a unique concept organised for the first time for these children and we hope this makes a difference in the perspective of various sects of people.

Wall by Jisha Madai, Picture courtesy: THEEART

The organizers are going to incorporate the canvases created by these children in our day to day operations in order to boost their morale and also provide a fresh outlook to their parents and also other families associated with them.

The fest also hosted a small art workshop of knife painting for children for age group 3+ years and it turned out to be a very interactive and entertaining workshop.


To put an intersection of digital and physical platform in order to promote the art scenes around the world. The Haanji Festival series is a physical reiteration of the digital platform and shall operate in lengths and breadths of the entire elements that shall come under the term ‘art’. There are going to be several multifaceted versions of Haanji expected in future and all are aimed at collaboration of various genres of art under one roof.

Picture courtesy: THEEART


Theart is a platform is designed to put a fulcrum and uplift the emerging artists from around the world and knit them into a community that not only promotes art but also creates a scope to move ahead as an artist and create impact.

Our prime motive is to rejuvenate the art forms that were blotted out between the cracks of commercial timelines and also the art forms that merely protrude from their existence. We are here to step up creation and topple the art supply chain upside down in order to redefine art, we are here to build collaborations that blind geographical boundaries and connect the dots, and we are here to just create imaginations.

THEEART Team, Picture courtesy: THEEART


Abhineet Narang - FOUNDER & CEO

A Supply Chain graduate intrigued by global art industry, he wants to redefine the art space

Hanisha Mirchandani - COO

With Hands on experience in HR, Business Development and Accountancy, she knows how to shape a business


Architect by profession with an eye for detail, designing furniture and curation falls under her forte

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