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Timeless, Contemporary and Chic Decor Fills This Brand New Bar in Mumbai

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Mitron Bar & Cafe by Umesh Desai & Associates

An extension of their flagship in Andheri, the new Mitron Bar & Cafe in Bandra sticks to the conventional norm filled with timeless, contemporary and chic decor.

Mitron Bandra started off exactly where Mitron Andheri was left off. The designers at UDA India knew exactly what had to display at the new outlet, it had to be something conventional, something contemporary yet something pure.

Picture courtesy: UDA India

The idea behind Mitron as a brand is to make the user feel connected to each outlet by indulging him into a sensory and positive ambience while simultaneously remembering the old memories in a new setup. 

Picture courtesy: UDA India

In an exclusive conversation with Nishant Desai (Director at UDA) about the motivation behind the project, he explained "Mitron Bandra started off exactly where we left off at Mitron Andheri. We knew what we had to display at this outlet it had to be something conventional, something contemporary yet something pure. Our idea behind Mitron as a brand is to make the customer feel connected to each outlet just through the sense of a positive atmosphere and remembering old memories in a new getup. The thought process was clean and simple, it evolved in accordance to modern- day guest needs. Hence the brief was, To create an all day café and bar without compromising on the space and the upscale bar feel."

Picture courtesy: UDA India

The design execution for this outlet started with the space at hand which had so much openness in one section and absolutely sealed with darkness the other. The first attempt by the designers was to add as much positivity in the space by providing openings in the sealed section and keep as much openness in the main section. The layout started with dividing the two sections with a fine dine/lounge feel in one section and a high energy resto-bar feel in the other main section. Once the seating layout was in place, the brainstorming session for the space began, painting a lot of different colours in terms of the theme to be developed.

Picture courtesy: UDA India

"Keeping the vicinity in mind the commercial sector houses crowds from corporate backgrounds along with families. he design strategies kept in mind were to offer variety of seating and sections to the outlet through zoning of areas.

Specific sections were developed to accommodate corporate parties, family dinners, co working spaces along with a high energy upscale bar to entertain variety of guests entering the outlet. Clients budget is key in every project, hence

keeping that in mind along with sustainability a lot of material was reused and reformed to create an innovative and unique feel to the space." Nishant added.

Picture courtesy: UDA India

The designers chose to provide a feeing of nostaliga but also pump in a lot of contemporary mood and feel. This came through the metal Jali shutters, black Marquina marble flooring and velvet fabric with a subtle punch of modern bar chairs and sofas and neon signage which gives the brand its differentiation.

Picture courtesy: UDA India

The laser cut entry panel with ‘MITRON’ meaning friends in different cultural languages whereas the nostalgia part was kept flowing through our restored sourced glass panel doors and windows. The unique vintage liquor cabinet from a remote village in north India along with the classical concrete balusters which act as separators to help distinguish the lounge n resto-bar section. The coloured glass chandiliers, antique carved brass hanging and wall bracket lights aim to take you back in time.

Project: Mitron Bar & Cafe

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Design House: Umesh Desai & Associates


Know more about Umesh Desai and Associates:

Umesh Desai & Associates was established in 1984 by Mr. Umesh Desai, alumni of Rachana Sansad, Mumbai with over 25 years of experience. The company has a long and successful record of designing, developing and executing premier interior design projects in India and abroad and is currently run by the father-son duo of Umesh and Nishant Desai.

Umesh Desai, Founder & Principal Designer, UDA

Umesh Desai & Associates has a strong team built with care through the years. The core team consists of architect-designers, site managers and project coordinators. The entire team works in sync on a project as per well-laid down guidelines and processes. Currently the core team consists of 10 professionals all reporting to Mr. Desai. The combined experience of the team is well-over forty years in the field.

The office is located centrally in Bandra (E) opposite MIG club. It is well-equipped with high-end computers loaded with all the needed design software. All communication is instant and the clients can stay in touch with the team at all times.

Nishant Desai, Creative Director, UDA

Umesh Desai and Associates has a good team of suppliers, vendors and contractors with whom there is an effective working relationship and good understanding. This has always translated into quality work on sites. Recently the team has completed a prestigious hotels in Dubai for which they have received a lot of accolades. It is considered among the top bracket of interior designers in the city.

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