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Modern Minimalism Meets Soft Textures to Create Relaxing Interiors in this Mumbai Based Home

The Blue Door by Zorkah Design Company

The Blue Door is a dream home designed for a family of three in the suburbs of Mumbai. Complemented by a soft textured edge with a contemporary and minimal aesthetic, this home features an interesting mix of materials and textures.

The interiors showcase the use of exposed brick and stucco textures, using blue, grey and green as the primary colour palette. A blue statement door leads guests to the common areas. This space features an open plan to allow continuity between rooms and provide more space

The kitchen exudes brightness and vitality with its blue cabinets, desert brown countertop and tastefully patterned tiles. It serves as a dynamic focal point for the interiors.

Each room within the residence showcases a unique blend of architectural elements that expresses the distinctive charm and personality of its occupants such as the master bedroom has subtle hint of yellow tone setting a language of warmth to the entire space.

Overall, the design focuses on comfort and warmth that creates a sense of peace and relaxation while fostering an environment that encourages culinary exploration and personal expression.

Project: The Blue Door

Location: Versova, Mumbai

Design House: Zorkah Design Company

Principal Designer: Nisha Singh Doreliya

Photography: Pixcelcraft


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