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This Clothing Collection is Inspired by the City of Temples, Pushkar

Pushkar Collection by HARAGO

Inspired by local paintings around the town, Pushkar Collection indulges you in a comfortable experience with a distinct style statement.

Pushkar is an eternal pilgrimage spot for bliss seekers and travelers around the world. This ancient city resonated with the brand’s look due to it's colorful streets full of vintage textiles & artifacts, paintings, artifacts, art objects, rugs, jewelry.

HARAGO boy wearing the handwoven denim set in the local souk, Courtesy: HARAGO

The bank of Pushkar lake has a calm and quiet environment, which is perfect for meditation, reflection, writing or just observing the live chanting happening and watching local people doing their daily activities.

Short Sleeve Silk Shirt, Courtesy: HARAGO

There are various traditional paintings drawn in and around Pushkar on the streets, walls of hotels, the walls outside temples or the walls of homes. The beautiful sun-lit rooftops and warm dinner settings in the desert offered by luxurious boutique hotels allows for a great escape from the walk in the souk appreciating art and beauty.

The design sensibilities of 'Pushkar Collection' is inspired by the local paintings around the town and the entire experience of soaking in what the town of Pushkar has to offer comfortably and yet with a style statement.

HARAGO boy wearing the handwoven denim set in the local souk, Courtesy: HARAGO

About the brand: HARAGO

HARAGO is a premium menswear label that expresses its affection for the historical techniques and textile craftsmanship, to sustain the craft in the times to come. What gives the collection an identity is its well- constructed easy silhouettes in traditional fabrics. Each piece is tailor-made with careful attention to detail and finishing to ensure a long-lasting nature of the garment in our own atelier in India.

HARAGO loves appreciating every day random moods and makes them its muse. HARAGO man is someone who is sensitive, is aware of his surroundings, has the sensibility to appreciate minute details, loves art, travels far and wide, believes in having a connection with the universe, dreams in poetry and is emotionally driven in life.

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