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Awe-inspiring Handmade Artisanal Pottery

Updated: May 16, 2020

Studio Nendo by Srishti Sindhu:

A brainchild of Srishti Sindhu, Studio Nendo is a ceramic studio creating handmade, artisanal pottery.

Srishti’s first introduction to pottery was when her mum called out her name while watching a show about this beautiful little pottery studio in a small, quaint village of Andretta, Himachal Pradesh, the year was 2012, she went to see what the fuss was about, the first glance of this beautiful art form on the LED screen of her TV, she was mesmerized.

Picture courtesy: Studio Nendo

Ever since that day pottery became somewhat of a desired dream for Srishti. She was, after all, only in class 12th, preparing for her board exams but the thought of learning this craft was always somewhere in the back of her mind. Life went on, as usual, first, finishing school, then graduating from an art college and then a job at a glamorous advertising agency. Life was pretty much set for her but soon after working on a Macintosh day-in-day-out, the desire to create something with her own hands grew larger and later on this thought became unavoidable. A year and a half later Studio Nendo was born. Nendo is a Japanese word which synonyms for clay.

Picture courtesy: Studio Nendo

Srishti went on to learn this beautiful craft from Andretta Pottery, Himachal Pradesh in the year of 2018. For her, it was the opportunity she wouldn’t have passed on. In her own words, “there is something so magical about this craft, it takes all the four elements of nature to create a beautiful piece of ceramic. Earth, water, fire and air, one cannot exist without the other and when it comes to working with clay the same methodology applies. Clay can’t be formed unless water meets the earth and ceramic can’t be formed unless clay meets fire. Us as humans are just puppets dancing on the tunes of this singing earth.

Picture courtesy: Studio Nendo

Studio Nendo is a representative of just that. Srishti strives for beautiful imperfections with her work. Depending, a hundred per cent, on her hands. Pottery is an amalgamation of art and science. Many potters refer to them as craftsmen, but pottery is so much more than to just classify it as a "craft". It takes immense dedication and patience, it demands time, it demands research, it demands practice and most of all it demands constant learning but all of this chaos fades into oblivion once a potter opens the kiln, with a child-like glee accompanied by adult-like anxiety and catches a peek of her final pieces. This is the last stage where the final pieces are ready to be shared with the world and all that work, and time spent fine-tuning everything becomes worthwhile.

Picture courtesy: Studio Nendo

Srishti’s tableware is designed for people who adore charm and character. Every time she thinks of a new design her hope is to find a home, a person, who finds her ceramic pieces as their favorite pieces to use. It is wishful thinking, but it is what keeps her going as she finds her path in this new uncharted territory. 

Project: A Living Playground Location: Mahindra Hills, Secunderabad, Telangana

Studio - Design Experiment, Hyderabad

Photographer - Sankeerth Jonnada





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