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Tessellated Forms Become the Highlight Feature of this Developer’s Office in Bengaluru

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Tessellated Poetry by Zerogrey Design Studio

Nestled in the upscale locality of Bengaluru, the structure expresses itself with a sense of calculated subtlety and unwavering confidence.

Designed to meet the needs of developer clients the building's upper floor serves as their office while the remaining three floors are leased to other enterprises. The façade is a testament to their expertise that features exposed concrete and steel as a deliberate choice to establish authority. The design narrative mirrors their services transitioning from raw to refined using structure forms in such a way.

Contrastingly to the exteriors, the interior spaces feature intricate and polished finishes. The top floor houses the client's office which seamlessly blends diverse materials. The general layout of the space was designed as per Vaastu.

The project highlights a tapestry of diverse materials through the continuous utilization of tessellations. This approach not only forges connections between the various materials but also engenders a unified and seamless user experience.

The graphics for entrance gate are designed with a parallel aesthetic. Furthermore, the storage space is cleverly designed which draws inspiration from the golden ratio for their design.

Project: Tessellated poetry

Location: Bengaluru

Design House: Zerogrey Design Studio

Principal Architects: Mageshwaran Balasubramanian, Karthikeyan Krishnaswamy

Photography: Aadit Basu, Chiraag S Kumar


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