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An Unconventional Take on Health Care Store Design

The Green Pavilion by M.R. Studio

A contemporary shop that involves the concept of a balanced lifestyle where guests can indulge in the taste of fine wine while simultaneously immerse into a soothing environment with a diverse selection of health products.

Located in the city of Foshan in central Guangdong Province of China, The Green Experience Pavilion adopts a very much different model from the normal health care products retail stores.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Infinity

The store breaks away from conventional practice and aims to cultivate a space that encourages social interaction and promotes balanced lifestyle that helps bring mental tranquility.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Infinity

The façade design draws on a singular approach with the beauty of geometry, in which it promotes a perfect balance notion that responses to the business aspiration, one that introduces innovated concept of a balanced lifestyle.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Infinity

The application of oak wood brings in a breath of nature and calming effect when guests first step into the space. Skilful applications of lines, textures and details create variety design features that contribute to the same design aim. The repetition of modern vaulted details, echoes with the external design language. A warm ambience is created through the combination of oak and marble stones which as well enriches the texture of space.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Infinity

With the narrow and small space, the biggest design challenge lies in how to create a distinguished experience from other traditional health care shops that only display health care products. Aim to create a calming space that reminds guests a welcoming living room from home, the focal point here is to allow guests to spend quality time with friends and indulge a taste of fine wine.

A variety of health care products are displayed in the arch-shaped oak feature wall. While immersed in this soothing environment, guests can take the time to choose from abundance selections of health care products.

Project: The Green Pavilion

Location: Foshan, China

Design House: M.R. Studio

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