“… the huge city that fits in a three-square meter room, endless likea galaxy… ”

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Mexico City Room Pavilion by Culturans:

As a part of the Guest City of the Beijing Design Week 2019, the Mexico City Room pavilion shows iconic moments of Mexico City.


Beijing Design Week held its first edition in 2009, under the framework of the 2009 World Design Congress held in the same City, starting in 2011, the event has been held every year. As of 2012, Beijing Design Week became the first major international design and creativity event in Beijing, after Beijing won the title of Design City by UNESCO.

Picture courtesy: Culturans


As a part of the Guest City of the Beijing Design Week 2019, the Mexico City Room pavilion shows iconic moments of Mexico City.

Inspired by Octavio Paz's poem 'I speak of the City' (1986), the creators of the pavilion knew that there was no better way to describe Mexico City than with these lines: “… the huge city that fits in a three -square meter room, endless like a galaxy… ”

Picture courtesy: Culturans

Mexico City Room is a cultural pavilion that shares places, traditions, customs and moments of life inside the endless and diverse Mexico City. Mexico City Room will en-capsule the whole galaxy of a city into a single room and fill it with windows to peek inside: to share its moments with citizens of Beijing. The architecture of the pavilion and the way to interact with it, is inspired by the symbol of the ying-yang; since complementary facets of moments in the city are shown to the public.

Picture courtesy: Culturans

The windows will show moments chosen by citizens from all corners of Mexico City answering the question: what do you want to share about the culture of your public space with the citizens of Beijing?

These moments, chosen by diverse citizens, will be exhibited interactively through Augmented Reality technology. Through their cell phones, visitors to the pavilion will watch videos, photographs or audios to live the city like the people who lives in it.

Picture courtesy: Culturans

Mexico City Room will tell the story of a city that, apart from huge and diverse, is in constant transformation; while its people reinvent it in the search for a more meaningful, inclusive and creative urban life.The Mexico City Room pavilion will be exhibited in the D Park 751 area, where the main art exhibitions, cultural events and fashion shows take place.

Project: Mexico City Room Pavilion Event: Beijing Design Week 2019 Project developers: Culturans

Website: https://culturans.org/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/culturans.lab/ Category: Culture Pavilion



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