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The Interior Makeover of this House in Jaipur Embraces a Harmonious Blend of Minimalism & Modernism

Classic Contemporary by Fab Impressions

This renovation project is a stunning fusion of minimalism, contemporary aesthetics and a touch of modernism. Designed for a focus on luxury this project embodies the belief that 'Form follows function’.

Inspired by the harmonious principles of great music and tasteful art, the design places utility at its core. Each element is meticulously curated to express distinctive personal style and character. The result is a space that is simultaneously cosy, uncluttered and lavish that welcomes guests with a timeless appeal.

Bold and clean lines along with occasional touches of timber and dark shades define the house’s interior. The bedrooms feature impressive headboard panel designs and a marble television panel for in-space entertainment while the washrooms boast clutter-free shower closets enhancing the circulation space.

The neutral palette extends to Italian marble flooring throughout the house creating an aura of sophistication. Every piece of furniture is custom curated which perfectly aligns with the interior design language.

Project: Classic Contemporary

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Design House: Fab Impressions

Principal Architect: Shubham Aggarwal

Photography: Studio BluOra


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