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Pune: Designer Ila Pai Composes a Modern Style Home

A Modern Abode by ARTis Interior Design

Within the Confines of an Old Apartment, ARTis Interior Design, a interior design studio based out of Pune has recently completed the renovation of a beautiful residence in the city.

The clients, a family of four, wanted to compose a contemporary abode within the constraints of a tight budget with key emphasis on effective and functional utilisation of spaces.

Picture courtesy: Planting Ideas

With a free hand during the conceptualization process, the designers used their skills to develop furniture and decor with intricate detailing and customization, with an occasional pop of colour.

Picture courtesy: Planting Ideas

"A simple false ceiling in the living room with the TV unit as a highlight the space looked very well balanced. For the Kids bedroom we went for a navy blue shade and separate bed & study tables so that kids have their own personal space." - ARTis Interior Design

Picture courtesy: Planting Ideas

For the master-bedroom the designers chosen a wooden finsh tile flooring. Sadly the window faced the common building lobby, so the designers used a thick roman blind and converted the window into a nice sitting space where the couple could sit and relax or read books, the longer length of the wall was used as a full storage area which was used to the inch.

Project: A Modern Abode

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Design House: Artis Interior Design

Principal Designer: Ila Pai

Photography: Kaustubh Gokhale


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