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Bandhani Inspired House in Surat

Updated: May 16, 2020

Akruti by Studio17

This house in Surat finds its inspiration through Gujarat’s traditional craft of Bandhani famous for its intricate designs and patterns.

The client, a Textile merchant, who belongs to the city of Jetpur which is popular for Bandhani production in Gujarat. The house depicts geometric patterns within its spaces that are obtained from the motifs used in Bandhani. It is a contemporary house, built with a twist using veneer, stone,wood and glass as pre-dominant materials.

Picture courtesy: Studio17
Bandhej is a traditional method of resist-dyeing practiced in India since ancient times. The craft is quite productively popular in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bandhani of Jamnagar, Jetpur, Mandvi and Bhuj are famous for their intricate design and patterns

Picture courtesy: Studio17

The interior is open, light, modern, natural, old and new at the same time. Grids incorporated in the design are derived from characteristics of the building. Bedrooms are designed according to individual preferences of the occupants, and care was taken to give them a clutter free look.

On entering the house, the flooring of the vestibule has the inlay of the same pattern derived from Bandhani; in Brass, which welcomes the visitors with the circular plates in which the five elements of life - पंचमहाभूत तत्व are painted on MDF -is the first thing visible on the wall. All these things along with antique chairs, makes it the artistic corner of the house.

Picture courtesy: Studio17
The living room has a large canvas which accommodates hand painted leather, fabric and MDF frames extracting the forms from the design. The patterns used to fill the forms are taken from tribal paintings which are in earthy tones and arctic blue color is used for highlighting the composition, these compliments its high ceiling where as the furniture which is in metal and leather offers embellishment to the space.
Combining traditional elements with progressive designs based on simple geometric patterns with the manipulation and combination of sharp, straight lines and curvilinear, gentle, shapes are used for cladding the wall.

Picture courtesy: Studio17
The informal area being placed in the center of the house and the furniture pieces in leather, wood and some of it in fabric gives warm and comforting feel for the family get to-gathers. Also, advantage was taken of its high ceiling and addition of another purpose to the horizontal plane was achieved by introducing hanging Tribal art paintings which was an inspiration taken from fresco painting. These paintings also behaves as an artificial light source adding drama to the space.

Picture courtesy: Studio17

The seemingly floating rack made from Stainless Steel- sleek but strong and introducing BPG glass which incorporates within itself all the responsibilities of a housewife is an innovative solution to meet the design aspirations. The breakfast counter is conveniently placed over the island platform.

Picture courtesy: Studio17

The bedroom walls are covered with Brass inlay in Brazilian stone. The staggered bed rests on a metal leg, on one of its end extends into a bedside seating while the other flows onto the perpendicular screening to form a display ledge. Furniture bringing comfort and function to the outdoor space, with a spacious table and easy-to use, comfortable chairs a basic outdoor gateway is transformed into a sensory-rich destination.

Project: Akruti Location : Celestial Dreams, Surat, Gujarat Design House : Studio17

Website: Design Team : Mayur Mangukiya, Ankit Sojitra, Dixit Narola, Radhika Savani, Uttam Chauhan, Dhruvik Panwala, Nency Sakariya, Arshit Khunt, Rahul Gajera Photography : phxindia | Ira Gosalia

Website: Art Work: Rogan Design

Instagram:, Studio Contourr

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