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An Eclectic Abode

Updated: May 16, 2020

Sharma Residence by Design Hex:

The Sharmas, being a family of eclectic tastes, wanted a mixture of funk and vibrancy while maintaining a distinct sense of class and elegance in their apartment.

These preferences were achieved through experimenting with various elements of design. For designers at Design Hex, the first step was to enhance the volume to the space by increasing its height. However, due to the existing structural members the ceiling height was already low. Thus, it was inevitable to create an elongated illusion by adding full height curtains and mirrors. A similar treatment was continued on the beams which consist a non-symmetrical offering a seamless look to the space.

Picture courtesy: DesignHex

They also brought in the fun with prints running on wallpapers and upholstery and rooms fitted with hammocks and swings, while the Venetian mirrors, wooden flooring, and muted pastels created a setting of charm and elegance. To complement the use of pop up and pastel hues, the beams and ceiling were painted in white. This invariably helped space look larger.

Picture courtesy: DesignHex

DesignHex incorporated the theme through the colors and vintage moldings on the furniture.

Unconventional furniture was placed into the room to match the personality of the clients. They

infused the space with ceiling-high indoor plants and vertical striped wallpapers to exaggerate

the height. Further, in one of the rooms the ceiling was enhanced through a fixed a hammock

near the window and added a low bed, thus, creating a cozy space, which brought the outdoor

feel to an indoor space.

Picture courtesy: DesignHex

We accessorized the house with prints, patterns, and bright contrasting

colors to add an aesthetic value into space. Few low height spaces under the beams were

converted into cozy reading spaces. We used multiple design tricks and illusions to make the

space look larger and utilised every corner of the house regardless of the awkward beams and

low heights. We successfully incorporate the themes required by the clients.

Project: Sharma Residence Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra Firm: Design Hex

Instagram: Principal Designer: Shimona Bhansali

Photography: Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia - Photographix


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