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Chennai Based Office Kattadaco Converts an Old Apartment into a Light filled Family Home

Anderson House by Kattadaco

Nestled within a 30-year old complex, this minimalist abode perfectly blends warm and cool interior tones.

The House on Anderson Road is an apartment unit inside a 30-year old complex. To be passed on from an industrialist to his daughter, the designers intervened during the transition to come in and renovate the house, while carrying a memory of the house that was lived in, and simultaneously adding the daughter’s identity as an ironmonger into a space she might call home.

Picture courtesy: Kattadaco

The design involved an urban excavation of interior spaces that felt constrained inwards, to open up the apartment to an abundance of light. The existing apartment building is nested between tall greens on both sides and the design sought to open the interiors towards these vistas. 

Picture courtesy: Kattadaco

Each room offers a cordon of intimacy - cozy nooks in the bedroom and a cutout in the living room that graciously behold the landscape. The uninterrupted connection with the landscape was facilitated further by nearly seamless metal grills, which replaced wooden-framed windows from before the refurbishment.

Picture courtesy: Kattadaco

The emphasis on the collective memory of the old house and maximising daylight in the new interiors meant a strong focus on craftsmanship, which reflects in the furniture and cutouts created specifically for this house, bridging the generational gap in the programmatic uses of the space.

Picture courtesy: Kattadaco

Common areas are designed to have fluid functionality, with statement pieces of furniture that have a distinct but minimal connection to the old house.

Project: Anderson House

Location: Chennai

Design House: Kattadaco

Lead architect: Jaya Sriram A

Photography: Niveditaa gupta

Design team: Jaya Sriram, Ashwini Sivakumaran, Shruthi Raghunath, Akila R


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