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Bakery in Surat Contrasts Eye-Popping Green with Accent Peach to Create Stunning Retail Interiors

Lejaah by Studio17

This was a budget-friendly project which came with its own challenge of a tight budget and extremely short time limit to complete it.

The client had its own bakery since 1996 providing their solitude to the customer and making them happy. It all started with a basic step of developing their brand identity from “Shree Jain Bakery” to “Le-Jaah” which depicts a simple act of coming and grabbing your food.

The Exterior has its own beauty gifted from the site as there are three levels before opening the door of Lejaah which was identified swiftly. It follows with the road level than the Footpath (Walking Path) level then our pavement block level which is nicely designed with different sizes of concrete tile. It’s a juggle-up of tile placement and lastly our bakery level.

The Steps are materialized with the combination of green tone and black granite to bring out its boldness. The Center of attraction was the wall holding up the boarding of Lejaah made out of the metal plate and letters with the finish of brass. “ For us Green was our happy color, supporting the nature and keeping us healthy just the way our client wants to keep their customers healthy resulting in the usage of green shades all-around” Quoted by Mayur Mangukiya.

The back of the boarding is covered up with the budget-friendly cladding of subway tiles along with the brick red ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) Sheet to enhance the elevation and solve the technicality of smuggling the rolling shutter machine in it. Moving forward the bakery is covered with the amazing flooring of terrazzo green chips mixed up with white concrete along with the green stone.

There is an Inlay of Text “ Level up “ implemented in the flooring as soon as you enter inside conveying a message that “ you are finally here and we welcome you with open hands”. Right after there is an open counter/ Cash counter placed into “ L” with an amazing overhead metal rack. The Racking System or the purchasing area was kept secluded towards the right side after a wide opening to avoid the clustering of customers. The circulation is getting broken by the center element placed having around the structure member acting up as a display for imported items.

Project: Lejaah

Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

Design House: Studio17

Principal Designers: Mayur Mangukiya & Ankit Sojitra

Photography: Noaidwin Studio, Nilkanth Bharucha


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