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Bespoke Details and Splashes of Colour Come Together for this Recreational Golf Lounge in Delhi

La Cabin, a recreational golfing lounge conceptualised and designed for the client to entertain friends and family over a game of golf. The bespoke details, textural layers and splashes of colour tie the space together making it warm and inviting.

A dramatic bar corner with an antique glass backsplash reflects an interesting wall with wooden art of all family dog portraits. Adding a personal touch to the space, the artwork and pictures on the wall are our client’s collection over the years from his travels. The powder room has a pop of Prussian blue glazed tiles which breaks the solid green envelope, bringing a contemporary twist to La Cabin.

Project: La Cabin

Location: Delhi

Design House: Indi Haus Design

Principal Architect: Nikita Jain

Photography: Anmol Wahi


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