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Bohemian Spirit Meets Modern Design Sensibilities for this Light Filled Home in Mumbai

House of Light by Deepti Tangri & Associates

House of Light - A 4bhk apartment where bohemian spirit meets the modern classic design sensibilities to make the home filled with light and positivity.

Team DTA precisely interpret the client's brief of crafting for them a happy place and they do so while accommodating the essence of their personalities and lifestyle in the design approach. The classic-modern skin of the house inhabits and adapts to the boho essence of the clients' personalities. The Jade colour of the entrance door lends tranquillity and calm vibes to the home. A narrow corridor in pastel hues of colour evoke a warm and comfortable emotion.

The respective private spaces of this 4 BHK house preserve the individualistic personalities of each member of the house. They have used the serenity and exuberance of the colour 'white' meticulously throughout the design of this house to create peaceful stillness while also offering a canvas to contain the bohemian spirit. Both the vibrant abstract painting in the living room and the lotus lamp hanging above the object of devotion are important metaphors for light, which is both calm and vibrant.

Project: House of Light

Location: Mumbai

Design House: Deepti Tangri & Associates

Principal Designer: Deepti Tangri

Photography - Yamini Krishna Photography


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