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Bright Colors Find their Way into this Dessert Studio by Architecture Interspace

Updated: May 16, 2020

Cream Affair by Architecture Interspace:

Peppy colors and distinctive seating experiences, intensified by a monochrome backdrop, Cream Affair is certainly not your average sweet corner.

An attempt to find a connection between the bright colors of different ice-creams and the informal experience of enjoying a dessert while relaxing on the beach, Cream Affair is the first of its kind desert studio in Pondicherry. Located right in the heart of the city, which is always crowded by tourists and beach-goers, the studio is just a walking distance away from the beach.

Picture courtesy : Architecture Interspace

The desert studio is entered through a galleria that leads up to mezzanine floor through a staircase. This extends into an informal seating which offers multiple levels, catering to a variety of groups.

Abiding by the client brief of an innovative and contemporary design that is also maintenance-free, Architecture Interspace uses bright colors, lighting encased in UPVC pipes and a hundred rotating cubes that converge into the logo for the studio. All this was conceptualized and executed in a span of 12 days.

""The project was executed in such a short span of time due to the client's requirement - as he did not want to shut his running business down for a long time. Regarding the methods that we adopted to cater to the time frame ,we opted for a composite construction technique. We prefabricated the shell of the design off-site and it was assembled on site saving us a lot of time. On to this steel shell, we used the technique of Ferro Cementing( i.e: Layering it with a shell mesh and applying concrete). This was later finished with Vitrified Tiles and other conventional market materials that are readily available but through careful planning of the execution stages enabled us to finish in such a short span."" (Architecture Interspace told TDC)

Picture courtesy : Architecture Interspace

Both, the galleria and the mezzanine floor, are formulated through a clever use of Ferro Cement in conjugation with metal rafters. A mild steel wire mesh acts as a railing and a partition, in order to segregate the spaces. The sizes of the windows at the store front are adjusted to provide a restricted view, just enough for the people passing by, and also maintaining privacy for those on the inside. Whats equally interesting to see is a color scheme of blue, pink and yellow which is intensified by a monochrome backdrop, reminiscent of ice cream flavors.

"The brand already had these 3 bright and vibrant colors. We came up with the idea of using these against a white palette. Since it is an ice cream store, we wanted to treat the white backdrop as an ode to the Vanilla ice cream." (Architecture Interspace told TDC)

Picture courtesy : Architecture Interspace

The first of its kind studio has received a warm response since its opening, with its design playing a pivotal role in luring new customers but more importantly retaining the old ones.

Project: Cream Affair

Location: Rue Romain Rolland, Pondicherry

Design & Execution: Architecture Interspace

Design Team: Ar Goutaman Prathaban, Ar Madhini Prathaban

Photography: Mr. Felix Emmanuel (

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