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Contemporary Chartered Accountants Office with Stylish Decor and Monochrome Backdrop

The White Space by Tres Atelier LLP

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. - Viktor E. Frankl

Tres Atelier LLP was commissioned to design the interiors for the corporate office of the leading CA, CS & Tax consultant firm “Lahamge“ in Ahmednagar. The client wanted to retain the idea of collaboration in a very small office/corporate environment, while also integrating concepts of privacy and hierarchy. While designing, the key concerns were to create a balance between collaborative and private zones.

The area consisted of a meager 750 square feet within an old building. It was intended to create several areas that could meet the needs of the company i.e. three offices, work area, pantry, toilets, etc.

The whole area of ​​the project was an integral part of a single space leading to the option for segmentation to be made through the placement of glass panels. In addition to allowing the creation of more reserved workspaces, natural light which only enters through windows fills the entire space. Another important aspect while designing was the play of volumes, rather than approaching a ‘one size fits all' solution.

Being an office based on finance, numbers, and law, the design development was based on an idea of exchange of knowledge of its employees and still looking for new solutions, it was thought of as a functional rectilinear working space, organized around a long table.

While the project does not make a loud stylistic statement, it serves as the perfect setting for its users. White offers a sense of peace and calm, hope and comfort. It creates a sense of order and efficiency. No one aspect of the interior space stands out, however, they all come together as a seamless harmony.

Project: The White Space

Location: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Design House: Tres Atelier LLP

Lead Architects: Ar. Suchit Mutha, Ar. Mandar Khele, Ar. Kaushal L. Tatiya

Photography: Indrajit Patil


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