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Contemporary Design Intertwines with Nature's Elements for this Abode in Bangalore

Bhagya Residence by Mirai Architects

The underlying concept of the apartment design was to create an aesthetic living space that feels modern with a slender touch of antiqueness.

The uniqueness of the design is that it is filled with innovative and compact storage spaces and exclusively conceptualized themes for each room. It is an extension of the owners' style and culture.

The dominant theme is nature, its scenic beauty exuding simplicity yet classic. To make it a nature-friendly space, solid wood and veneers were used for wood finishes. Green is the dominant color in nature – symbolic of growth. The lush green on fabrics and accent walls evoke a feeling of abundance, refreshment, and peace.

Project: Bhagya Residence

Location: Bangalore, India

Design House: Mirai Architects

Principal Architect: Ar. Aekha Venugopal and Ar.Sandhya Saravanan

Photography: Chelat Venugopalan


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