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Creating a Minimalist Haven in Mumbai that Features Calm, Open and Functional Spaces

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Bianca Residence by The Design Chapel

The vision for this Mumbai apartment was to create a serene, well-lit, and functionally open space, a minimalist haven that prioritizes tranquillity over stimulation.

The kitchen's entrance was reconfigured with a sliding glass door which combines privacy and visual accessibility. Breaking down the barrier between the passage and balcony birthed a bright home office space that radiates natural light. A play of understated materials balanced by subtle bursts of colour, patterns and textures crafted a controlled and engaging environment.

Additionally, in the living room a continuous wall was adorned with pop mouldings serving as an understated backdrop. A custom shoe rack, wall lights and art led to a console cum bar unit embellished with a mirrored illusion of elongation.

Thoughtful restraint in flooring and ceiling design allowed subtle elemental additions to shine such as fluted wooden panels and a simple black glossy TV unit.

The dining space introduced textural depth with grey and wood tones as primary players. Terrazzo, rattan and vintage bird art layered to create visual intrigue for the users. The mother's room paid tribute to her love for nature featuring floral wallpapers bird motifs and foliage art.

The master bedroom retained the theme with rattan wardrobe doors and a checker wallpaper as a focal point illuminated by ample natural light. A royal blue curtain and soft furnishing hints added vibrancy to the overall minimal design.

This design approach aspires to be authentic sensitive to the body, mind and human spirit. Balancing client preferences and design ethos this project epitomizes the harmony achieved through thoughtful restraint.

Project: Bianca Residence

Location: Mumbai, India

Design House: The Design Chapel

Principal Designer: Preshita Shah Gupta

Photography: Biju Gopal, Bizou Photos


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