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Derived by the Love of the Color Yellow, This Home is Wrapped Around Bold Colors and Patterns

Rubik's Cube Home by Woodcraft International

Designer Kavya Sethi orchestrates a colorful, chic and symmetrical home that features vibrant patterns and textures.

Derived by the love of the color yellow, the home is wrapped around bold colors and patterns with an array of accent combinations. Spread across three thousand square feet, the house also showcases customized furniture, monochrome wallpapers and vibrant upholstery.

Picture Courtesy: Woodcraft International

Spread over 3000 square feet, the duplex consists of a large living room and four bedrooms along with the basic amenity areas. Art plays an important role in enhancing the overall ambience of the house, which is scattered across the house.

Picture Courtesy: Woodcraft International

The variety of textures are complimented by simple yet elegant silk and sheer drapes. The love for yellow not only extended to the soft furnishing but also to the kitchen accented by shades of wine and grey.

Picture Courtesy: Woodcraft International

The dining area has a simplistic design approach with monochrome artworks and dining table made out of white marble table and solid wood base. To maintain a cohesive look , chairs were done in dual colors of silver & wine.

Project: The Rubik’s Cube Home

Location: New Delhi

Design House: Woodcraft International

Principal Designer: Kavya Sethi

Photography: Gaurav Mahani





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