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Embodying the Cultural Legacy of Rajasthan, this Store in Jaipur Translates the concept of Planning

Following the legacy of the renowned bridal wear store ‘Rajvesh’, an exquisite ethnic wear experiential boutique store is designed, that embraces the cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

With an overall monochromatic scheme of grey, embellished through subtle elements like brass inlay motif pattern on the floor, intricately carved wooden furniture, and Maharaja-Maharani embossed beaten metal sheets on the ceiling, the space is curated to exude understated luxury.

Inspired by the traditional Rajput architecture, the floor area has been planned with the idea of sequential court design. Upon entering, the visitor is welcomed into the first court, the ‘Diwan-e-aam’, imitating the royal court for the public.

Project: Rajvesh Elite

Location: Jaipur

Design House: Ankit Gupta & Ridhima Sogani Architects

Principal Designers: Ar. Ankit Gupta, Ar. Ridhima Sogani, Ar. Priyanka Khangarot


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