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Embracing a Beautiful Peepal Tree, this Architecture Firm's Office in Pune is a Sight to Behold

A Studio by the Peepal Tree by Silhouette Architects

The redesign of this small space for Silhouette Architects and Designers responds to the appearance of a Peepal tree that was non-existent when the principal architect Shebanti Chakraborty set up shop in this space 14 years ago.

The highlight of the design is the large window that has replaced the tiny original ventilator. The window grill has been designed as a screen that hides the neighboring apartment and makes the leaves of the Peepal tree visible. It blocks the harsh western sun rays and allows the breeze to flow in. It creates interesting patterns of sociography that shimmer to create a drama as the leaves of

the tree sway with the breeze.

The design is simple and minimal, The beautiful tree has grown up in all these

years side by side along with their practice. It has also brought along the constant chirping of birds & play of sun and shadows. Glass partitions between workspaces have been replaced by roll-able bamboo chik blinds. & bamboo screens hung on ropes. These along with the play of light, shadows & reflections impart a distinct character to the place.

The white walls and the rough grey floor are complemented by the Teak veneered table tops & ceiling. Ample of plants, the rope bunai chairs, the yellow hand-printed dupattas that wrap up the display boards, the cane lamp from Assam with the custom made jute & fabric lamps add to the character of this office.

Traditional bharnis have been used as planters. A mosaic of broken yellow

tiles frames the mirror at the basin cubicle, lit by a lamp inserted within a section of bamboo. The tribal wall hangings & artifacts with lots of books & sketches personalize our space.

Project: A Studio by the Peepal Tree

Location: Akurdi, Pune

Design House: Silhouette Architects

Principal Designers: Shebanti Chakraborty

Photography: Ar. Atul Kanetkar


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