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Epigamia Yoghurt Opens its New Office in the Heart Mumbai

Epigamia Offices by Little Ms. Designer

A challenging project that came to life in the span of just 45 days.

Epigamia Office was one of the most challenging projects for Little Ms. Designer and its lead Tanvi Sekhsaria , requiring immense hard work and determination to execute. Initially a 3500 square foot playschool, the space was converted into an office within 45 days.

Picture Courtesy: Little Ms. Designer

While designing the space,  a very formal and boring look was kept aside, while sticking to trendy and unconventional. Epigamia Yoghurt is a company which produces healthy yoghurts in various flavours. Each flavour was indicated in a specific colour throughout the space such as the colour Yellow, for mango and red for strawberry. These colours were effectively included into the design language of the workspace.

Picture Courtesy: Little Ms. Designer

While ensuring the main furniture and modular workstations and chairs were simple colours of white, black and grey, the glass in between the desks such were green, blue etc. Each room had a different colour concept, while keeping the flooring as a simple wooden look. For the chill out zone, a TT table and TV was installed.

Interesting hollow square shaped boxes were hanging from the ceiling in colours of yellow and grey. This helped in saving costs from doing a false ceiling all throughout the area as well as made the ceiling stand out. Inside each square, some pretty black pendant lights were places. One could change the light bulb colour from yellow to white just with a click.

Picture Courtesy: Little Ms. Designer

Above the main workstation area, a rough white wash raw look was designed for the ceiling, with hanging yellow Jali's, through which we had hanging sleek LED lights coming through. These were rectangular Jali's of roughly 2' width, which covered the cassette AC units. This worked as a great design as if a full false was to be created the height of the entire space would have been reduced.

But by only adding separate hanging Jali's over each workstation set, the space height was kept as per original, making the space look nice and spacious. Again, the yellow used in these Jali's was inspired from mango flavour of the Epigamia Yoghurt product.

Picture Courtesy: Little Ms. Designer

All cabin desks were made on site ,finished with rich laminates. Each room had a different ceiling colour. One was a blue while one was a green, based on Epigamia yoghurt flavours.

Picture Courtesy: Little Ms. Designer

All cabins and conference rooms had interesting paneled glass partitions. A large amount of clear and back painted glass was used, as not only did it help to make the space look larger, but it was also very useful. The office comprised of young employees who liberating thought processes. They wanted easy access to note down remarks from a meeting/discussion/ phone call on the glass. And the glass was the simplest and perfect solution for it.

Project: Epigamia Yoghurt Office

Location: Santa Cruz, Mumbai

Design House: Little Ms Designer

Principal Designer: Tanvi Sekhsaria


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