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Everest Masala's State-of-the-Art Facility Claims to be World's Largest Spice Factory

Everest Masala, Umbergaon by Banaji & Associates

This eye-catching project encapsulates the design principle of reflecting the company’s values that are built on hard earned legacy.

Upon entering the office rich marble Saran Collin clad reception desk stands against a paneled wall that reflects the brand of the company. The delineation of spaces as you enter from the lobby to the left is the managing director's cabins conference room and executive dining area along with a small lounge for an overnight stay.

Picture Courtesy: Banaji & Associates

The fully equipped conference room with its rich walnut base table top and grey mesh chairs creates a vibrant ambience contrasted by overhead lighting neatly placed within the grid.

The directors' cabins are placed along the glass façade of the building and are adorned with customized wooden task lights, Deep Walnut brown table tops in contrast with bright upholstered sofas, centre table and curved bronze artefacts provides rich and luxurious statement to the space.

Picture Courtesy: Banaji & Associates

The open floor office space for each person separated by a mesh and defined by their overhead and under counter storage space gives each individual the power to choose the amount of interaction between their respective teams and helps establish a more focused work environment.

Minimalist style combined with chic and functionality, dark colors and refined, clean lines with breathtaking view and simple details. Polished metal frames for large windows, soft leather furniture, large contemporary desk and interesting shelving unit design look elegant and luxurious with different color schemes and furniture pieces to liven up the ambience.

Picture Courtesy: Banaji & Associates

The overall atmosphere is one of understated luxury, with rich fabrics.

and on the other side is the staff area which has a bright and cheerful corporate office the height of the spaces also adds details such as designing the carpet and the overhead light above the managing director's table and making it on site are some of the passion and attention to detail.

Project: Everest Masala

Location: Umbergaon, Gujarat

Design House: Banaji & Associates


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