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Global Gourmetz New Office in Bengaluru Features a Live Kitchen as its Star Attraction

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Global Gourmetz Office by The Line Studio

The Global Gourmetz Office, designed by The Line Studio in Bengaluru, is a perfect example of functional yet aesthetic design.

The layout was meticulously planned to feature a CEO cabin, a staff workroom, a live kitchen, a product display area and a small pantry. Despite the distinct functions of each space, they were all designed with a common goal in mind – to create a technologically rational and organized space that draws the viewer's attention toward the food products on display.

The use of wood as the primary material for most of the working surfaces and decorative elements added a warm and inviting touch to the space. The exposed ceiling with electric pipes and the Moroccan flooring distinguished the different areas of the live kitchen.

Within the CEO's office, the director's marble deco sheet working table and the ceiling light contribute to an enhanced overall aesthetic appeal. The right balance of lighting, elements, and the designer's insights make the food packets appealing and elevate the entire interior space.

This office is a testament to the power of thoughtful design featuring integration of wood, lighting, and carefully selected materials resulted in a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. The project showcases how using materials, lighting, and design can enhance the sensory experience of space, making it allure and appetizing.

Project: Global Gourmetz Office

Location: Bengaluru

Design House: The Line Studio

Design Team: Rubi Baid Bhansali

Photography: Yekser


About the firm: The Line Studio

The Line Studio is an Interior & Styling Studio led by Rubi Baid Bhansali in Bangalore.

Founder and Principal Designer Rubi Baid Bhansali

Over the past few years, The Line Studio has been engaged with high end residential and commercial interior designing and styling. A guiding principle of The Line Studio is that each project reflects the functionality and aesthetics that revolves around the user personality.

"The functional design identifies what its design space is to do and is more concerned with what is to be done and less with how it happens that gives users pleasure from the start. It makes them form a bond with the design, bond that goes beyond the initial interaction. Aesthetic design is perceived as more friendly, usable and valuable." Says Rubi, Founder and Principal Designer of The Line Studio.

Find out more about the firm here.

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