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Gujarat Based d6thD Design Studio Builds Triangular Cottages Among Old Mango Trees in Gir

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Gir Vihar Eco Resort by d6thD Design Studio

On the edge of Gir lion sanctuary, lies the Gir Vihar - home to 20 cottages; designed by village based architect Himanshu Patel from “d6thD” design studio with overt principle of vernacular architecture in mind.

The concern for climate as well as economic and cultural sustainability has been looked to incorporate into design without which sustainability may not work in the Indian context.

The old construction techniques like rubble stone packed foundation, load bearing walls, arches, dome and pitched roofs have been used. Locally available materials like sand stones, bricks and terracotta tiles are not only serve to be economical but also attempt to someday instill a feeling of pride and belongingness among the visitors.

Project: Gir Vihar Eco Resort

Location: Gir lion sanctuary, Gujarat, India

Design House: d6thD Design Studio

Principal Architect: Himanshu Patel

Photography: Inclined Studio


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